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PRP Therapy: Benefits

Injuries can sometimes take too long to heal the right way. Surgical cases are among the lengthiest in healing. It shall also be accompanied by pain. If you wish to make this process go faster, you can turn to PRP therapy. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has been found to speed up the healing process when it fosters faster action from the body’s restorative functions.

PRP therapy is necessary in so many areas. It has shown success in treating ACL and MCL injuries like tears, knee pain, osteoarthritis, spine injuries, rotator cuff tears, pelvic pain, jumper’s knee, to name a few. Seeing as it is still fresh, it may be applied in many other areas. In the meantime, it has proven an effective method for addressing what were initially lengthy healing processes.

There is no complication to how PRP therapy works. Your visit to the hospital shall involve the doctor drawing blood from your arm into a vial. The blood shall the go into a special centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. Platelets are what support the healing process. They are what attach to the injured part and release growth and healing factors. This is how the body usually heals itself. The doctor will then take the concentrated platelets and using an ultrasound direct it to the injured part of the body via an injection. This shall increase the concentration of platelets at the site, thus leading to a faster healing process.

It is preferred to go for PRP therapy where non-surgical methods are no longer helpful, and the other option is surgery. A large percentage of athletes and other sports personalities prefer this methods to going for surgery. If you have an old injury that still gives you pain, you may want to consider going for this procedure. You need to ask the doctor about what options you have.

Since the platelets come from your blood, there is little risk associated with the procedure. There is also no anesthesia here, as they only need to draw blood. It is therefore a convenient procedure for many. You can expect a bit of pain from the platelets injection. This should fade away quickly later on.

If you wish to take this option, it is best you go online and read the reviews posted about the various specialists available to perform it. You need to become familiar with their history and previous working record. This is supported by the fact that this is a relatively new procedure in the market. This shall also be a good time to find out from those who have been through it what to expect. You also need to know what the cost is, to plan accordingly.

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